Press Release: Continental Batteries Accelerates Reporting and Analytics with Sesame Software’s Streamlined Integration Solution

Within just minutes, Relational Junction built a fully automated data warehouse that replicated a mirror image copy of Continental’s NetSuite data. From there, Relational Junction’s high volume data connectors enabled large volume data migration and integration from NetSuite to ADW.

Because Relational Junction’s patented data warehouse[1] and integration[2] technology requires no data mapping or data model maintenance, Continental Batteries was able to free up their time to focus on business insights. With continuous automated data synchronization, the Continental team could rely on their data being up-to-date, for accurate reporting and analytics. The team was equally pleased with the quality of customer support provided by Sesame Software.

“As for our direct contacts at Sesame Software, they have been exceptional. Very responsive and hands-on during the integration process.”

For a deeper look at how Relational Junction helped Continental Batteries achieve their data goals, read the case study here[3]. If you would like information on how Sesame Software can help your organization, request a demo here[4]. You can also contact the Sesame Software Team directly at (408) 550-7999.

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